How to download movies and shows from Netflix to watch offline

Netflix is really, an amazing app to pass your time and watch your favourite movies and TV shows as well. Previously, Youtube was the most popular source of famous movies and TV shows, but now Netflix has grabbed that spot. Although it is a paid app, the money spent is worth the comfort you gain. Additionally, for new users, Netflix also offers one month free subscription package that includes all the popular shows and movies. In the recent updated launched by Netflix for it’s iOS and Android based apps, it introduced a new feature where users can easily save movies and TV shows for offline watching purpose in no time.

How to download movies and shows from Netflix?

Not many of us know the trick to download Netflix movies and shows and watch them anytime later, offline. However, if you were looking for the trick to download Netflix movies and shows to watch them offline, and have not got a satisfactory answer yet, below we have described a full fledged procedure to download Netflix movies and shows for offline:

How to download movies and shows from Netflix to watch offline

  1. First of all launch the Netflix app on your smartphone. Also, make sure you are connected to a working internet connection. A higher speed will help you to download the movie faster, hence you can download more and more movies or TV shows.
  2. Now, browse through the available movies and TV shows and tap on the one which you would like to download. Now click on the usual download icon (“a down arrow” shaped icon).
    For movies, the download icon will be present next to the information about the cast and plot of the movie.
    For TV shows, the dedicated icon will be there next to the episodes (videos) that you would like to save.
  3. Next, as soon as you tap on the download button, a progress bar will appear at the bottom of your screen depicting the progress of movie or show being downloaded.
  4. Once the downloaded is completed successfully, you can disconnect from the internet and close Netflix as well.
  5. That’s it, now you can launch Netflix and watch the downloaded TV show or Movie whenever you are offline.

Note: Alike youtube, for Netflix too there are some movies and TV shows that can not be downloaded for offline watching. Hence, if you do not see a dedicated download icon next to the movie or TV show, unfortunately it is not available for download. Hence, there is no legit way so far to download it.

How to download movies and shows from Netflix to watch offline


So this was all about downloading movies and TV shows from Netflix. Since, we know that some of the movies and TV shows are not available to download offline, Netflix has introduced yet another smart move. Currently, it has a separate section of apps that are available to download for offline watching purpose. Hence, now without wasting much time, you can easily head towards the apps that are available for offline saving.

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